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The Avianbase Project is an initiative led by the Roslin Institute in collaboration with the Avian Phylogenomics Consortium and Ensembl to make the initial sequence and annotation available for 44 bird species within the Ensembl framework.

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Original Ensembl annotations for vertebrate and other species are available in Ensembl, in Ensembl Pre! and in EnsemblGenomes

The Avianbase Project

The Avianbase Project is using the Ensembl infrastructure to share data brought together by the Avian Phylogenomics Consortium (as part of the Avian Genome Consortium) for 44 birds. The genome sequences, except for budgerigar and bald eagle, were sequenced by the BGI. Genome annotations were also generated by BGI using GeneWise based on a selection of Ensembl transcripts for chicken, zebra finch and human. Further informations on the data/annotation can be found in the papers referenced below.


The data types and sources made available here are as follows:

  • Genome sequences - generated by BGI
  • Gene annotations (gene, transcript and peptide information) - generated by BGI
  • Repeat annotations (dustmasker, tandem repeat finder, RepeatMasker and RepeatModeler) - generated at the Roslin Institute


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