Adding Trackhubs to Ensembl

You can add a trackhub (also known as a datahub) to Region in Detail for any species, as follows:

  1. Click on the "Add your data" icon in the image toolbar or the lefthand button menu
    • N.B. If you already have custom data attached, the button will say "Manage your data", in which case you need to click on the "Add your data" link once the control panel has opened.
  2. Fill in the data form:
    1. Give your trackhub a name (optional - it will be parsed from the hub.txt file)
    2. The current species will be preselected - note that we now support multispecies hubs, so relevant data will be available on all appropriate species
    3. The assembly is automatically set to the current assembly for the species you are on - if you wish to use a trackhub with data on older assemblies, you will need to use an archive site (not available for all Ensembl-powered websites)
    4. Select "TrackHub" from the dropdown menu, and a text box will appear.
  3. Type/paste the full URL of your hub's hub.txt file, e.g.
  4. When your hub has finished loading, a "Configure your hub" link will appear - click on it to see the configuration options for your tracks: [screenshot]